World Curlew Day

We are so lucky to hear the curlews from our garden and keeping an eye open on a local walk you may be lucky enough to see one too!

Photo of curlew in flight
Curlew by Alan Owens

Latest on the Lockdown Lift

Well I didn't think it would be two months before the first update but here we are. We had a few delays, in part due to COVID restrictions on manufacturing, but we're making up lost time.

The new boiler's been installed and is up and running and the Cottage has been so cosy during this cold spell. John's been working hard on the kitchen revamp with new units and appliances and we've bought some new furniture, and some pre-loved that I've been upcycling.

The garden has been springing into life, one of my favourite times of year here with lots of different daffodils and the wild flowers popping through.

Harry's helped me to plant a section with Bee Bombs so hopefully we'll have a colourful border that bees, butterflies and other pollinators will love.

I've been inspecting and staining the bridge and cleaning patio furniture ...

Next stage is lots of cleaning and painting in the kitchen and living room then the fun stuff - adding all the new furnishings and kitchen equipment, can't wait!