Food and Drink

There are so many excellent pubs and restaurants in the area that take pride in offering locally sourced food.

There’s a fantastic one in the nearest village, Austwick. The Game Cock Inn offers award-winning food in warm and comfortable surroundings, with a range of food to suit everyone’s taste, from traditional English to French and Mediterranean dishes. The relaxed atmosphere will make you inclined to take your time and enjoy the food and wine at your leisure. You can also choose from a wide range of liqueurs and tea and coffee to compliment your meal.

Frontage Game Cock Inn

Sydney’s in Settle is a  boutique tapas bar and restaurant offering a selection of locally sourced food.  Sundaze is their delicious Sunday lunch menu that varies each week so check out their website and follow them on facebook.

Frontage of Sydneys Settle     Food at Sydneys