The Gallery on the Green

It’s believed the Gallery on the Green is the smallest public art gallery in the world. Certainly it is the only one to be open 24/7 and filled to capacity at least twice a day!!

Since opening in 2009 it has mounted a constantly changing exhibition programme, with contributions from local, national, and international artists.

The Gallery has featured many different exhibits over the years, some exotic, some quaint and some extraordinary.   Its latest exhibition is a Portrait of Ingleborough – a big hill in a small space.

Many walkers know Ingleborough as the last and most challenging of the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

But there is much more to this hill than the average walker sees.

The collection of photographs that make up this exhibition illustrate how people live, enjoy and work on and around the peak.

The photographs, taken by resident Hilary Fenten, are a snapshot in time of the area’s social history, showing how people – locals and visitors – connect to the land and its communities.



Visit their website for more information about the Gallery on the Green.